2016 Pipes in the Valley
Saturday, September 24th 2016


Thanks for a great “Pipes in the Valley” Fest this year!  Join our FB page and see some of the highlights!  Mark your new 2016 calendars for our 15th annual on Sept. 24th!  Slainte!

Presented by Olde Burnside Brewing Co in Partnership with Riverfront Recapture



15th Annual “Pipes in the Valley” Celtic Music Festival

New and improved format!

The 15th Annual “Pipes in the Valley” Celtic Music Festival will once again rock the riverfront on Saturday, September 24th, 11am-10:30pm at Mortensen’s Riverfront Plaza located at 300 Columbus Blvd in downtown Hartford.  (PLEASE USE OTHER AREA GARAGES OR THE CONVENTION CENTER)

Last year we made many significant changes (for the better!) to the way we organized the format of the venue.  Most children’s activities will be found on the “Upper Plaza,” while the remaining activities, including all food and merchandise vendors, will be located on the “Lower Plaza” and “Riverwalk” area.  An informal map will be provided at a later date.

Check out our “Entertainment” page for more information on all the bands featured this year, including the CT debut performance of Scotland’s “SKERRYVORE!”   The famously popular “Screaming Orphans” characterize their sound as “when honey and gravel collide!) and the roaring drums of “Albannach” will be back to rock the ground you stand upon!  Also, making their first CT appearance, from St. Paul, MN, we welcome “The Wild Colonial Bhoys” to rock the riverfront!   The full music schedule will be posted in September.

The Traditional Highland Games are back!  Spectators will enjoy a full field of games drawing top athletes from Masters, Amateurs and Womens classes competing in the Braemar Stone, Open Stone, Heavy Weight for Distance, Caber Throw, Weight Over Bar and Sheaf Over Bar.  If you would like to compete, please contact Ken Gustason at gustason@comcast.net

Kids and parents alike will once again enjoy participating as “actors” in “Middle-earth’s” charming and creative story-telling experience and puppet theatre.

CT Irish Road Bowling is open to everyone 18 years and older. Teams are better with 3 to 4, but two will also work. Online registration charges for 4 players, $40 per team. Mail registration could be done with 2 players.  Teams can also sign up the day of the event.  Bowling, Bocce and Golf all rolled

into one great afternoon of play. The rules are simple and the game is fun. Just grip and hurl (underhand) the 28oz steel ball, called a bowl, down a country lane. The fewest number of throws to the finish line wins, similar to golf. Excitement builds as teams match each other shot for shot for more than a mile. Often, these memorable matches, called scores, are decided by only a few feet or inches distance past the finish line when more than one team finishes with the same number of throws. The twists and turns of a narrow country lane, as well as the tile of the surface, provide a rich playing field for strategy and can spark debate among the thrower, his teammates and full throated spectators. Proceeds for this year’s IRB tournament will be donated to the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

What’s in a name?! Curious as to who might shake out of your family tree?! Begin your ancestral search with our onsite genealogist, Carol Whitmer, of the CT Historical Society. Free guidance and helpful resources set you on your path of discovery!

“Pipes in the Valley” is brought to you by the Olde Burnside Brewing Co., of East Hartford, in partnership with Riverfront Recapture. Admission is free and fun for anyone of any age! The massed bag pipe bands will cross the bridge at noon, as is our tradition. The “Games” begin at 9am on the lower level by the river and you’re free to get there early for that.

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